Thesis: Jack Metcalf

The academic engine that fuels much artistic print production and inquiry hits a fever pitch at this time of year with students at all levels of higher education producing culminate work toward their various degrees. The future of print belongs to these young minds so why not survey what they’re making. For the rest of the month, Printeresting will be sharing a sampling of thesis work from all over the US and beyond in a series called All These Theses.

Jack Metcalf graduated with an MFA (concentration in printmaking) from the University of Montana this spring. The following pictures are from his project/event A Synthetic Spring. More info available here and here and a brief statement follows the images.












Jack Metcalf thesis statement…
i. A Synthetic Spring will be to serve the public as an encounter rather than an art object.

ii. The actual event will be free and open to the public, and will only last two hours.

iii. The aim is to create something precious and rare. This exclusiveness is a reaction to the twenty-first century’s fascination with identity through the online appearance, the viral video, the text message, the twitter posting, the sound byte, the Internet meme, binge online shopping, etc.

iv. In the greater scope, the event will technically begin with the use of promotion several months before the actual event. The promotion will take all shapes and forms, both digitally and physically. We will lure spectators visually, sonically, socially, and psychologically, by creating hype, mystery, anticipation, and curiosity.

v. A Synthetic Spring will be a mixture of everything we have seen before, and nothing we have seen before.

vi. A Synthetic Spring will be a constructed situation and outcomes will vary.

vii. A Synthetic Spring will be experimental and challenging by necessity.

viii. A Synthetic Spring offers a dichotomous contribution; through the celebration of the artificial, the genuine will surface. A significant amount of the participants will not fully acknowledge this experience.

ix. The art of composing comedy is the same sort of thing as the art of composing tragedy.

x. A Synthetic Spring takes shape when we are all becoming its actors.

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  2. Robert D. Hamilton says:

    It really looks amazing! Jack Metcalf did an amazing job with his thesis. How did it go? Well, it would be hard for him to write his thesis if he can do things like that. Anyway, I bet it was certainly a fantastic event for all of them.