Etch-It: Stick, Etch, Fun

A Product review from the Printeresting Department of Misused Printmaking Terms.

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We present to you Etch-it Tags. An American-made product that solves that age old question, ‘Is that your Solo cup or mine?’

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As you can see, no pen is needed. You simply scratch the waxy surface away revealing the white substrate. With the lack of an acid or etchant solution the process really has more in common with Scratch Art or Scrimshaw than etching.

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And  while we are not really qualified to say whether or not it’s an artist’s canvas, but they do get the fun part right.
Etching IS fun!

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Etch-it’s are old in a three pack.  Use them sparingly, as the scrimshaw-like tags are not re-useable.

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As of this writing we haven’t tested them in an actual etching situation, and as that likely voids any existing product warranty we don’t recommend that you do so either.

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As you know those of us in the Printeresting Department of Misused Printmaking Terms or P.D.M.P.T. (pronounced, ‘Piedmont’) tirelessly troll the seasonal sale rack at Walgreens and stay up all hours to see the late night QVC broadcasts, ever alert to the a printmaking term that might be out of place. And what good fortune that this delightful product just dropped out of our mailbag ? Thanks Alex for this zany tip/gift!

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