Thesis: Danielle Peters

The academic engine that fuels much artistic print production and inquiry hits a fever pitch at this time of year with students at all levels of higher education producing culminate work toward their various degrees. The future of print belongs to these young minds so why not survey what they’re making. For the rest of the month, Printeresting will be sharing a sampling of thesis work from all over the US and beyond in a series called All These Theses.

Here are some pictures from Danielle Peters‘ printmaking MFA Thesis Exhibition (March 22nd) at the Georgia Museum of Art. She used cut prints, paper, and mirror mylar to make sculpture, diorama, installation, and costumes. Pieces include Symbiosis: Performance, Writhe: Sculpture, and Cavediving: Print/Diorama.


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3 Responses to “Thesis: Danielle Peters”

  1. Jon Swindler says:

    Congrats Dana!

  2. Toni Faught...Josh Watts' mom says:

    absolutely amazing!I loved all of the pieces..

  3. Laura Berman says:

    Beautiful, magical!