Tim Trower’s Linotype Machines

White Star Service Company in Springfield, Missouri, is a commercial print shop owned and operated by Tim Trower and home to two working Linotype typecasting machines. I’d never seen even one in person, much less in working order, and he has two! The machine in the background of the photo below was featured in the documentary Linotype: The Film.


During the tour Tim and I puttered around the shop while one of the machines was warming up (after all, the lead does need time to melt!), cast a few slugs, and checked out some of the other printing equipment in the shop. Tim is a wonderful Linotype resource, especially since he does all of the repairs and maintenance on the machines himself.


You can make out two Linotype machines at the very back of this photo.

Another shot of the Linotype machine featured in Linotype: The Film.

Tim casting slugs.

Shavings from cast slugs, and a shop cat snooping in my bag!

View of the back of the Linotype machines.

Cleaning parts so slugs cast properly.

   Other presses in the shop.

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4 Responses to “Tim Trower’s Linotype Machines”

  1. Amze Emmons says:

    Great shop, great photos. Thanks!

  2. luca cruzat says:

    Interesting post Sage!

  3. James says:

    wow. i am speechless. it is always so nice to see these machines still being used!

  4. Jill Carlier says:

    I still want to see the Linotype movie.