Christopher Hartshorne: Crash Blossom


April saw the opening of Christopher Hartshorne‘s latest solo exhibition Crash Blossom. The exhibition which is named for a term meaning a journalistic headline that conveys vague or multiple meanings, took place at a member-run gallery in Philadelphia, and featured a host of his signature large scale, abstract relief prints. The bold shift from his previous work (which we’ve written about here) is the introduction of color, which Hartshorne approaches with a disconcerting lack of caution. The prints are intensely beautiful but also optically intense. In an moment where sophisticated color relationships are a readily available commodity to purposely push color relationships into a corner where they starts to become dangerous is a bold decision that caused visible moments of pause followed by delight as people entered the exhibit on opening night.


The exhibit also featured a body of shaped printed things, which are quite awesome.

Hartshorne Christopher 3

The introduction of color adds a myriad of new levels of possibility to Hartshorne’s work.

Hartshorne Christopher 4

Hartshorne Christopher 5

The visible signatures of process in Hartshorne’s work speak of an complicated relationship between careful planning and intuitive response. Seeing the results of that relationship in my minds-eye, I imagine it playing out as a teen date movie, with the hunky-but-nerdy and reserved, Careful Planning, throwing care into the wind in a desperate, harebrained romantic scheme to capture the heart of the carefree and popular, Intuitive Response; after much anxiety producing hijinks and several false starts the film climaxes in a wild, end of innocence dance party, with shallow depth of field shots of a dancing crowd, slow-motion sparklers sparkling, and an epiphany inducing sound track; the scene cuts to blackness, and then like a sunrise the camera slowly comes into focus on these prints.
..or maybe I’m just reading too much into it.

IMG 0856

We look forward to more compelling work from this thoughtful maker.

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3 Responses to “Christopher Hartshorne: Crash Blossom”

  1. Ron Rumford says:

    Well put, Amze. Beautiful, strong prints, congrats to Christopher.

  2. Regretfully, didn’t get to see this show, but really like Amze’s description!

  3. mary harris says:

    Color and abstract fo are amazing. I am a print 1 student,Inplan to learn new printmaking techniques this year,enjoy your prints.