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The following is a guest post by Marchelo Vera, an exciting emerging voice in print.

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The 1st National Poster Retrospecticus Tour, 2013

Back in October I received news from Daniel Danger about a project that he was supporting, called The National Poster Retrospecticus. Recent MassArt grad, John Boilard,  belongs to a new generation of creative Kickstarter entrepreneurs making things happen with the active support of individual art patrons like you. In its first year over 300 gig posters from over 75 artists and designers are touring across the U.S. to locations in, Burlington VT, Rochester NY, Detroit MI, Minneapolis MN, St. Louis MO, Richmond VA, and Boston MA.

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Over 75 of the greatest artists and designers

With such a diverse collective of hand-printed posters you might think that there would be an aesthetic clash. However, the show is not only filled with the top-notch folks you would expect such as Aaron Draplin, Dan McCarthy, and Aesthetic Apparatus, but also features new talents in an arrangement that will have you making a few passes across a field of colour that is nothing less than inspirational and simultaneously bad ass. Operating as both a traveling exhibition and a store, many of the posters on display were also available for purchase!

Please enjoy this photo essay of the event!

Retrospecticus 01

Mad Art Gallery, housed in the former 3rd District Police Station from the 1930’s.

Retrospecticus 02

Need a break? Take a nap/hang out in one of the holding cells!.

Retrospecticus 05

people scoping out the massive collection of hand-printed gig posters!

Retrospecticus 06

It seemed like literally everyone in town made it out for the one night showcase!
Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope for more to come next year!

Retrospecticus 07

Manual Feed with some Ink + Sound

Headlining as entertainment at Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis was Manual Feed, the only band that combines instrumental letterpress with musical composition, in their own words,  ‘We’ll play the presses like musical instruments as guest performers and audience members add to the mix. While we’re making noise we’ll also be making a limited edition, multi-color print and the end of the performance will be marked by the end of the edition.’

Retrospecticus 08

Manual Feed, handing out some letterpress prints and playing some music.

Retrospecticus 09

Retrospecticus 10

Retrospecticus 11

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Retrospecticus 13

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Retrospecticus 15

Retrospecticus 16

Retrospecticus 17

Retrospecticus 18

Retrospecticus 19

Retrospecticus 20

Daniel Danger representing the tour in Rochester, NY.

Retrospecticus 21

A few of my favorites from the collection.

Retrospecticus 22

Retrospecticus 23

Retrospecticus 24

Retrospecticus 25

Retrospecticus 26

Retrospecticus 27

Retrospecticus 28

Retrospecticus 29

Retrospecticus 30

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