Meme Week: 3D-Printed memes

Much like the ancient Ouroboros, a snake that devours its own tail, Internet memes are cyclical, self-reflexive, and ultimately kind of gross-looking. Printeresting concludes Meme Week with a glimpse into the regenerative nature of Meme culture.

Join us for a stroll through the Shapeways archives for 3-D printed memes.

success kid by Ryan Kittleson

Success Kid by ryankittlesonTrollface by jpfaraco

Troll Face by jpfaraco

Nyan Cat by Sevensheaven

Nyan Cat by Sevensheaven

xzibit by dominikraskin

Xzibit by dominikraskin

Overly Manly Man by kspaho

Overly Manly Man by kspaho

Sad Keanu by Neural Firings

Sad Keanu by neuralfirings

Beast Jesus by LincolnK

Ecce Homo (Beast Jesus) by LincolnK

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