PDF of the Month: April

For the Rum Riot Press exhibition we curated in Maine this past summer, we invited about a dozen artists and collaborative groups not normally associated with zine culture to design what we’re calling Printeresting’s Guide Zines, simple publications that explain how to do something. The subject is left to the creators and ranges from specific art making tips to the mundane. The zines are produced in a letter-size format that can be printed out from any desktop printer and then folded down into a booklet following simple instructions (see the gif below). The Printeresting Guide Zines debuted in hard copy at the Rum Riot Press exhibition, and since we’ve been releasing about one per month, right here on Printeresting.

This month’s multiple PGZ releases are from Triple Candie and the Matthew Higgs Society!

1birdClick here to download PDF.

2mispresentClick here to download PDF.

3donationClick here to download PDF.



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