Introducing the Hand

The following video is a byproduct of Think Tank: Craving the Mark, a print seminar class taught by Professor Lisa Bulawsky at Washington University of St. Louis. The class focused on notions of Authenticity in relation to print. The Hand: The Miracle Tool of Tomorrow is a collaborative project by Joe Winograd, Katie Olson, Carmi Salzberg, Jessica Hing, and Martin Melto.

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According to Bulawsky…

Because it was democratically driven, I didn’t know exactly what would happen. The reading list grew and changed from what’s on the syllabus, and most of our discussion ended up revolving around concepts of authenticity – as applied to print media and in general, philosophically. The resulting group projects (5 of them) grew out of thematic interests and reactions to those concepts and range from traditional, “territorial” responses to more hybrid, “translocal” ideas. The handmade was a huge factor in our discussions, and so is an important factor in all of the projects.

This video was presented at CAA in NYC this past February as part of the SGCI affiliate panel, Reproducing Authenticity.


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5 Responses to “Introducing the Hand”

  1. TOM REED says:


  2. Angela Malchionno says:

    This looks like it would make a great gift!

  3. Jon Swindler says:

    I’m gonna wait until the second generation, first one’s are usually buggy.

  4. Tate Foley says:

    False advertising!! You have to pay extra to upgrade to the version with opposable thumbs.

  5. Luther says:

    I remember a similar discussion in class. I will always remember someone saying, “Just because a cake is handmade doesn’t mean it’s going to be good. Some people are just better off using a recipe in a box.”