Hamilton Fundraiser COMPLETE

Just a little more than two weeks after it began, our Hamilton Wood Type Museum Fundraiser is officially over. Thanks to our generous readers, more than $1700 was raised (totally beyond our expectations). A huge and sincere thanks to everyone who made a donation. And thank you, Joy and the good people at Gamblin Artists Colors, for donating the ink. They’ll be shipping out fresh cans of Printeresting Black from Portland sometime in February! And we’re including some extra little treats, too. We feel lucky to be part of such a great community. Thanks, everyone.


And of course, if you missed out on our fundraiser but would still like to make a donation to the Hamilton Wood Type Museum, here are some options.

Donations to help this worthy cause can be made through Hamilton’s website http://www.woodtype.org/support

If you are unable to give a monetary contribution, they are also asking for volunteers to help with the move. You can sign up for a specific date at http://www.woodtype.org/calendar. And you can find information about signing up here: http://woodtype.org/posts/17

Or you can buy some prints or t-shirt at the Museum’s online store http://www.woodtype.org/store

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4 Responses to “Hamilton Fundraiser COMPLETE”

  1. Jim Moran says:

    Thanks to Jason at Printeresting and all at Gamblin for such a great idea and a creative way to help Hamilton. We truly appreciate knowing that we have new friends looking for ways to support the cause. Many, many thanks! Jim

  2. Robert, you didn’t get back me…

  3. RL Tillman says:

    Hi Scip! Good to hear from you; not sure what you mean. Did you email me? Give me a shout: RL@printeresting.org

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