Essential Knowledge

Some things you just need to know. Colin Matthes (of justseeds affiliation) has compiled two volumes of Essential Knowledge Prints intended to teach basic skills for success in challenging situations. So far the prints cover topics like hot-wiring cars and preparing small game but it seems like there would be endless skills to illustrate. The sets are eight prints each, signed, and packaged in plastic sleeves. When I asked Matthes why he chose to make them as high-quality xeroxes, he said that he “wanted to make them in a simple, humble, efficient way to fit with the theme of the prints.”

You can see them in person at Matthes’ solo show Getting By in the Foreverscape at Sky High Gallery in Milwaukee, WI until March 10 or you can get in touch with him about acquiring a set.

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2 Responses to “Essential Knowledge”

  1. Kristopher Mokma says:

    Colin, um I won’t be able to make the Milwaukee thing as I live in Seattle and gotta work and all that. So how do those of us hell and gone away from you get a copy of your info? Let me know thanks Kris