Printshop Tour: Peter Kruty Editions

Peter Kruty Editions was formed in 1996 by Peter Kruty and Sayre Gaydos. Setting up shop in Sunset Park, Brooklyn they’ve created a studio that works collaboratively with artists creating book-art and prints as well as more commercial letterpress commissions.

Looking at past projects they’ve involved themselves with and talking with Peter it’s obvious that storytelling is important to their practice. The community stories of neighbors or other city dwellers, the ideas behind the work made in studio, even the history of the building they currently work out of — all of if made for a very interesting studio tour.

Peter Kruty Editions

The “Office” also doubles as a very important lesson in how to maximize use of all available space! Next, the entrance to the studio. look the other way.

Peter Kruty EditionsPeter assured me, this model of plate maker is so old you couldn’t find it anywhere — look at those  dials! What a beauty!

Peter Kruty Editions

Peter Kruty Editions IMG_5380

Peter showing one of many presses on site and one current project — reprinting the Declaration of Independence at it’s original size (24 1/2″ x 29 3/4″). To compensate for the large size, Peter has had to break the document into at least six different sections and print it piece-meal.

The high windows pictured here designate what used to be separate stalls for a horse stable in one of the previous incarnations of this building. At one point in time, this space also housed a laundromat.

Peter Kruty Editions

Evidence of an on-going project with artist Leslie Dill.




IMG_5392Shop Dog makes the rounds, ensuring the security and safety of all prints in-studio.



IMG_5400Best bathroom decor EVER. Peter Kruty Editions, I’m a fan.



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5 Responses to “Printshop Tour: Peter Kruty Editions”

  1. Amze Emmons says:

    Shop Dog for president!

  2. Danny James says:

    Spot the Peter Portrait!

  3. Jenn Pascoe says:

    Thanks for the link to Leslie’s book — she is truly an amazing artist. And, hey, I’ll be back in March to hang out with the peeps at Gowanus Studios…as a book artist myself, I would love to see your space too. Let’s talk…

  4. Ryan Thelen says:


    I love your photos of Peter’s shop. In fact, I’d like to use one on my website. I’m talking about the shot of Peter holding up the Declaration of Independence.

    I have already uploaded it on to my site (in the gallery section). If you don’t feel comfortable with me using your photo the let me know and I’ll take it down.