Closing the Loop on Durer

Apparently Pablo Garcia’s Profilograph (after Dürer) was conceived in 2008, but somehow it escaped our attention until it was recently posted on Colossal. The artist extracted six profile illustrations from Albrecht Dürer’s Four Books on Human ProportionThe woodcut illustrations were combined, extruded into a continuous image, and digitally processed into a printable 3-D form.


Mounted on a rotating base and backlit, the 3-D printed components project a shadow that gradually morphs between the six faces. It’s a Byzantine process that produces a mesmerizing result.

Pablo Garcia 2 Pablo Garcia 3

Many of Garcia’s projects will be of interest to Printeresting readers; the artist stresses “the intersection and overlap of art and technology, obsolescence and the cutting edge, the analog and the digital, the real and the virtual.” Garcia frequently uses 3-D printing and other contemporary prototyping techniques to riff on historical technology and art history. The role of historical printed matter is also prominent in Machine Drawing Drawing Machines, an editioned work in which a CNC machine reproduces twelve images of historical drawing machines, including “Dürer’s Door.”

Pablo Garcia drawing machines

Pablo Garcia Durer

You might also check out the artist’s Memento Mori (Catoptric) and Vantage Tees.


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