Virtual E/AB: Wolfbat Studio

However disappointing, the cancellation of this year’s Editions/Artists’ Books Fair may seem trivial in the broader context of the genuine tragedies caused by superstorm Sandy. But the cancellation represents a tremendous loss for the fair’s exhibitors, who work toward this event all year, and may depend on its success. Printeresting has offered E/AB participants an online platform to showcase new editions. We can’t make up for the loss of the fair, but we hope that our readers will appreciate these great projects (and that you might consider supporting these publishers during a difficult time).

Additional editorial note: The ever-proactive Dennis McNett sent us a bunch of images of Wolfbat Studio’s event immediately after he heard that the E/AB Fair was cancelled. With a few more images than usual, this post doesn’t quite fit into our Virtual E/AB invitational series, but we have included it under that title in the interest of completeness.

Dennis McNett of Wolfbat Studio in Brooklyn, NY: Here are images of the new print “The Old Horned Deity,” a 38″x44″ 8-color silkscreen, a Wolfbat vessel that was part of an installation for the fourth floor of the E/AB Fair, panels with new editions for the Print Center’s booth, and the big ship that was going to make a surprise appearance.

More images after the jump!

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