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However disappointing, the cancellation of this year’s Editions/Artists’ Books Fair may seem trivial in the broader context of the genuine tragedies caused by superstorm Sandy. But the cancellation represents a tremendous loss for the fair’s exhibitors, who work toward this event all year, and may depend on its success. Printeresting has offered E/AB participants an online platform to showcase new editions. We can’t make up for the loss of the fair, but we hope that our readers will appreciate these great projects (and that you might consider supporting these publishers during a difficult time).

Editions from OEHME GRAPHICS in Steamboat Springs, CO:

Mia Westerlund Roosen, Count #3, 2012
etching, 18 1/2” x 24”

Mia completed eighteen monotypes as well as twelve editions when she came to Oehme Graphics this past July. Her monotypes are powerful and elegant–some reminiscent of the human body or oceanic matter, all structural or organic in form. Mia composed a series of eight lovely yet unsettling white, yellow, and blue chine colle etchings titled Guantanamo Series depicting fence patterns that hold the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. The series will be available as a box-set presented in a cloth-bound box with fiberglass encased metal netting. Mia also produced another group of four gorgeous silk collagraph etchings printed in a silver ink entitled Buttons and Loops #1-#4. Continuing on a theme she began on a previous project with master printer Sue Oehme, Mia worked on two vibrant and contrasting copper plate etchings titled Count Series #3 and Count Series #4. Lastly, Mia formulated a pair of intensely complicated-to-print but beautifully elegant solar and collagraph plate etchings entitled Mirrored Lines #1 and Mirrored Lines #2.

Eva Bovenzi, Ninth Messenger #8, 2012
watercolor and oil collagraph monoprint diptych with handcoloring, 29 1/2” x 35 1/2”

San Francisco artist Eva Bovenzi came the last week of August for her first project with Oehme Graphics. Eva made two sets of collagraph plates before she arrived that were inspired by a series of her paintings. We used the plates along with watercolor painted on vellum to create two series of beautifully delicate and wing-like diptych monoprints, one entitled Second Messenger #1-10, and the other Ninth Messenger #1-9. Eva also worked with Sue to design three rich and mysterious aquatint etchings, entitled From Blue #14, From Blue #16, and Red #11.

Julia Fernandez-Pol, #1 Flower and Willow World (Karyūkai), 2012
etching, 23” x 30 3/4”

Julia Fernandez-Pol came to OG in April. She developed thirty-one explosive, bright and wonderful monotypes all with hand painting titled Reef Series 2 #1-#31 She also created a group of seven large, unbelievable monotypes on black Hahnemühle paper titled Nebular Reef Series #1-#7 and three on white paper titled Chaos Reef #1-#3. Lastly, Julia composed four incredibly sleek and gorgeous etchings titled: #1 Flower and Willow World (Karyūkai), #2 Kabuki Theater, #3 Plum Blossom Dagger, and #4 Zen Galaxy, all in an edition of 15. Every one of Julia’s pieces has its own charm and way of demanding attention, calling the viewer to look closer into its macro or microcosmic landscape.

Kayla Mohammadi, Thank You Obama 1, 2012
watercolor monotype, 19” x 15 1/2”

Kayla come to Oehme Graphics in June and created a total of fourteen endearing watercolor monotypes, all with various titles. She also composed a bright and velvety solar plate etching and carborundum aquatint titled Persian Miniature in an edition of 10. Kayla’s prints have an immediate quality to them, and at the same time are beautifully composed–giving her pieces energy yet a sense of balance.

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