Giant Lottery Time!

Well, once again it’s Giant Lottery Time in America! So, when you open up your local newspaper, you will be treated to a photo much like this one, from the The Joplin Globe, of a convenience store clerk printing a lottery ticket. Why, you might even see video of the same thing tonight on your local news broadcast! (Of course, you probably don’t take the local paper, or watch the local news, but maybe people are posting photos of this on Instagram, or something.) Alternatively, if you turn to the website of TIME magazine for your Giant Lottery news, you would be treated to this glamorous photo:

But these photos could never capture the nationwide excitement of Giant Lottery Time. When we spend several dollars for our chance to not win The Giant Lottery, we feel a certain patriotic glee. And that zeal is diminished when we collect our flimsy, receipt-like Giant Lottery ticket, which was spewed out of a lowly, unglamorous thermal printer.

Really, when it comes to lottery tickets, all the glamour is in the scratch-offs. The payouts may be lower, but check out the glitzy array of printing techniques:

YouTube Preview Image

Well, good luck with the Giant Lottery, America! You deserve it.


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One Response to “Giant Lottery Time!”

  1. justin says:

    i wish i had that soundtrack to play in the studio!