Airship: Letterpress + Graphic Novel = Awesome!


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Todd Thyberg is the star behind The Airship a beautiful letterpress graphic novel that has been buzzing around the internet. Working out of his letterpress design shop Angel Bomb Design located in sunny Minneapolis, MN, Thyberg has been busy, in addition to a regular design and printing clientele, he made the time to produce The Airship.


While Thyberg is not the first person to put letterpress and comics into conversation, he does so with ambition and style. This first three color, 12 page, graphic novel is the first of three planned volumes. The printed work take beautiful advantage to Thyberg’s clean design and illustration style. In a very clever combination of traditional and new technology the book is littered with QR codes that lead the reader to additional online content. The Airship is available in both hardbound and chapbook editions.

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The story appears to be a retro-sci-fi thriller revolving around a missing top-secret blimp.

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  1. Tubes says:

    So awesome!