MAPC Saturday – The End of the Weekend

One last post from me to round out the MAPC weekend – the rest of Saturday –

Demo:  Cel Animation with Screen Print and Monoprint with David Wischer

Education Panel: Rubbing Shoulders moderated by Kent Kapplinger

And some photos of Melissa Haviland’s print performance

Education Panel: Rubbing Shoulders

Moderator: Kent Kapplinger

Panelists: Dr. Stephen Frech, Dr. Laurie Geller, Bill Harbort, John Volk

Since the theme of this conference was the Entrepreneurial printmaker, you might have noticed by now that many of the panels are variations on that theme. In this panel we learned more about academic programs that bring students into their communities and teach business skills through entrepreneurship.

North Dakota State University has an artist development residency offered to students in transition who get studio access in exchange for helping out in the studio eight hours a week. They accomplish a range of work for the school; archives, public demos, studio maintenance, and teaching one and two day workshops during the academic year. Students also get teaching experience during two-week public workshops in summer. Also, two collaborative visiting artists a year complete an edition with students. Students manage the edition supplies, contracts, and get first hand experience with quality control, packing, shipping and dealing with galleries.

Millikan College maintains a student run publishing company. Student editors pick poets they want to work with, set type and print broadsides. Students are exposed to theory and practice at the same time. This micro-business is run as a one credit hour class. Dr. French said that he finds it important for students to see their creative work as sustainable beyond school. Topics covered include: costs (permanent expenses, recurring or cyclical costs, perishables), balancing time and labor, pricing (finding a credible price that begins to pay for your time), sales and delivery, studio maintenance, self -management, finances and promotion.

John Volk outlined how students can benefit from a studio internship offered as a partnership between Minnesota State University Moorhead and the Plains Art Museum in Fargo. Students run a studio and in the process learn leadership, ownership of studio, demonstration skills, confidence and independence. Lastly we learned about Minot State University’s NOTSTOCK, an art festival run by students, that brings together performance, printing and now ceramics for three days that energize faculty as well as students.


Cel Animation with Screen Print and Monoprint with David Wischer

David creates animations from individual trace monotype cels with silkscreened backgrounds that are then scanned back into the computer and animated.

first an existing video is split into stills

backgrounds before mono printing

stills of the original video are placed on back of the screened prints in preparation for monotype step

Prints are set on a thin slab of ink and the image on the back is traced with light pressure to make marks on front of print

prints after they’ve been trace mono typed

completed cel

the completed video, see full length at top of post


Melissa Haviland Print Performance

Melissa Haviland treated us all to a print performance of cookies with silkscreened decorations served to on doilies.


Edible prints

Melissa, the consummate hostess

prints were served


That’s all from me from my Missouri notes. Thanks again to Kristin Powers Nowlin, the MAPC board, Southeast Missouri State University, the fabulous Drury Lodge and everyone else who made the weekend memorable and educational.

MAPC conference will take place in Detroit in 2014, so start saving your pennies and making your prints.

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