Industry and Inkslingers

The first of two weekends of Austin’s N-th annual East Austin Studio Tour was in full effect this past Saturday and Sunday. For their part, Industry Print Shop invited a bunch of local and semi-local print artists to throw an Inkslinger’s Ball in their spacious parking lot. I stopped by on Sunday to check out Industry’s newer location on Tillery (not exactly sure when they relocated) and see some prints. Sunday was unusually windy, not exactly ideal for an outdoor print sale, but there was a healthy crowd of diehard print-lovers mulling around and the exhibitors were in good spirits.

The following photo essay is part printshop tour and part open portfolio…

This beautiful signage is hard to beat. Those letters must be about five or six feet tall.

People rifling through stacks of flatstock posters. Industry is a design studio and production shop- squeegees-for-hire and producers in their own right. They had a pretty big catalog of posters for sale but also t-shirts, pillows and all manner of printed matter.

All pictures below are from the Inkslingaz Ball in the parking lot. As I mentioned above, it was a semi-local crowd. Iron Frog Press was down from Dallas and Ryan O’ Malley and Julia Curran were up from Corpus. Apparently, there were more out-of-towners from Dallas and Houston on Saturday but for whatever reason, they didn’t stay for the whole weekend.

Some color relief prints from Julia Curran.

Drive-byer Ryan O’ Malley of Texas A&M Corpus Christi was showing relief prints and discussing the relationship of printmaking to the sampling and remix culture.

Courtney Woodliff

Aubrey Carroll. Texas-style print sales: selling prints from the back of a pick-up.

The Amazing Hancock Brothers were on the scene.

Claudia Zapata from Mexic-Arte and  Claudia Aparicio-Gamundi and James Huizar were well-stocked with ChingoZine.

Matt Rebholz was showing etching/chine colle/collages and comics.

More work by Rebholz.

Work by Boston-transplant Cary Hulbert.

Meticulous line etchings by Nicole Maloof, coincidentally another Boston-transplant. Cary and Nicole both print at Slugfest.

Matt from Iron Frog Press was showing lots of woodcuts, some shirts, and stickers, too.


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3 Responses to “Industry and Inkslingers”

  1. Julia C says:

    Hey Jason, the two artists’ names you are missing are Courtney Balko, and then underneath is Aubrey Carroll. Cool article!

  2. The out-of-towners from up north didn’t stay because we’re all MFA candidates 🙁 It was a blast and can’t wait to do it again!

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