NY Print Week 2012: Sandy Update

Gabor Peterdi, Angry Waves, state 5, etching, 1954 (image source).

Our hearts go out to all those effected by Sandy and her path of destruction. The timing was particularly bad for the print community as many of us had a good deal of time and energy invested various fairs and events connected to New York Print Week. In an effort to keep everyone updated, we’re starting this post as place to keep track of various cancellations and time changes. Luther Davis of Forth Estate and Aimee Lusty of Booklyn provided some info below. We’ll try to update with relevant news as it gets to us and please feel free to comment below with any news to share.
And If you’re in NYC now, how are you doing? How can we help?

  • Perhaps most urgently, Printed Matter‘s basement is flooded and they are seeking volunteers. In their words: “Call for Volunteers! The basement of Printed Matter was severely flooded during the Hurricane, we’re going to be meeting up at the storefront tomorrow at 11 to start clearing out all of the soggy goods from the basement. We could definitely use some extra pairs of hands if anyone is in the neighborhood and could spare a few hours to help.”
  • IFPDA Preview is still on but the opening has been moved to THURSDAY with a VIP Reception starting at 5:00 pm, with a public opening set for Friday starting at 11am.
  • IPCNY is currently without power and the opening scheduled for last night has been postponed.
  • RBPW seems to be fine.
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3 Responses to “NY Print Week 2012: Sandy Update”

  1. Luther says:

    Just found out Legion Paper, one of the largest distributors of fine art papers is out of communications because of Sandy. Their main offices are in the black-out part of the city and their warehouse is in NJ. Sure hope all of the paper is ok (I’m assuming the staff is alright too).

  2. Dusica says:

    Lower East Side Printshop is lucky to be unharmed by Sandy. We were open last week for artists seeking heat, light, information, or finishing work for deadlines. As of today, we’ll be keeping normal business hours. Our heart goes out to all our art-world colleagues, and particularly the Printed Matter and Smack Mellon who urgently need help.

  3. Jason Urban says:

    Glad to hear the LESP weathered the storm.