Lennon’s Poster

This video is featured on lots of big-time websites today, but our good pals at Baltimore Print Studios tipped us to it, so it deserves mention here too. This video chronicles the painstaking re-creation of the circus flybill that inspired John Lennon to write “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!”

The project, called “Kite,” was coordinated by True Beatlemaniac Peter Dean, who worked solely from a single photograph of Lennon with the poster. New wood engravings were commissioned, and all the hand-set type was carefully matched to the original.

Here is your Printeresting 101 final exam: what can this project can tell us about the handmade print, reproduction, originality, and authenticity? Three pages, double-spaced, essays are due on Monday.

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One Response to “Lennon’s Poster”

  1. So Lovely, the poster and the video. Can’t do 3 pages, but I recall a most fascinating tidbit of information about the circus poster. Pablo Fanque, the circus owner, was a part of Victorian England’s African community.