Ctrl + P: New Directions in Printmaking

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In a year of great print shows, Ctrl + P will undoubtedly be in many top ten lists. Curated by Kristina Bilonick and Julie Chae , Ctrl + P has an all-star line-up including: Anne Albagli, Jordan Bernier, Melissa Brown, Paul Chan, Kris Chatterson, Brian Chippendale, Billy Colbert, Vince Contarino, Christopher Davison, E.V. Day, Anthony Dihle, Kyle Durrie, Jeremy Flick, Tim Gibbon, Jungil Hong, Gary Kachadourian, Byron Kim, Steve Lambert, Hugh Leeman, Glenn Ligon, Marie Lorenz, Esperanza Mayobre, Serena Perrone, Gretchen Schermerhorn & Franc Rosario, Kelly Sherman, Rob Swainston, and Barbara Takenaga. The exhibition was hosted and produced by the Arlington Arts Center and The Studio Visit, in an interesting collaborative twist they invited the two curators to organize ‘tandem exhibitions’ to be displayed in the same space simultaneously; it may sounds a bit like an arranged marriage but the results are surprising and fresh.

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Bilonick and Chae worked within their constraints to produce a compelling and surprising survey exhibition.

The title of the show,  Ctrl + P (which reminds me of some other Virginia print event), may imply to some that this is yet another look at the influence of digital process on printmaking, but that would completely inaccurate.   The exhibition does a good job of exploring the edges of print media, by focusing on artists who are approaching this discipline through non-traditional processes or tangential forms. From the AAC’s website, ‘We imagine the artists and works selected to be rooted in the tradition of printmaking, but crossing into and employing multiple disciplines including installation, performance, film and new media.’

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For bucket loads more photos and some words follow after the jump!

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Steve Lambert’s New York Times Special Edition.

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Gary Kachadourian’s wall piece and small-scale sculpture.

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Rob Swainston’s stairway installation, Slightly Unstuck.

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Glenn Ligon’s End of Year Reports (left) and Paul Chan’s Libertine Reader.

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Brian Chipendale’s work.
He was one of several Fort Thunder alumni in this exhibition.

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Marie Lorenz’s delightful prints and videos (below left).

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Tim Gibbon’s More Love.

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Kyle Durrie’s Letterpress prints (left, back) and Hugh Leeman’s t-shirt project ( above, front) and video work (below).

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Jordan Bernier’s screen printing multi-channel video work.

Day 4967

JB CtrlP EVDay Shazam

Day 4972

GS Chatterson Install Shot

JB CtrlP Dihle

Anthony Dihle’s Here Come the Pants.

JB CtrlP Flick

Jeremy Flick’s security envelope enveloped elevator.

JB CtrlP Opening Contarino  Hong

JB CtrlP Opening Lobby Bernier

The opening featured some hip-looking people, and kind of in-show pop-up shop.

JB CtrlP Opening Lobby

JB CtrlP Opening Mayobre

Esperanza Mayobre’s amazing work (above).

JB CtrlP Opening Perrone

JB Billy Chinese Food

JB gary k

JB Melissa detail small

JB Melissa installation

To read more, follow this link to The Studio Visit’s interview with Bilonick, here. And find Chae’s curatorial statement on her site, here.

All images courtesy of Kristina Bilonick, Julie Chae, and the Arlington Arts Center.

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