Dispatches from Maine: Truck full of Art


During the First Friday festivities in Portland, ME, a group of artists got together to organize a little mobile gallery intervention. Pilar Nadal, and  Carlos Pileggi (both MFA candidates at MECA), with the help of the zine-wunderkind, Sigrid H., joined forces to present the city with a rolling print sideshow!


More tales of this zany adventure after the jump!


Pilar is the owner and inventor of The Tired Press (and here), a bicycle/printing press. This amazing contraption folds from style savvy cruiser (below) to the fulling functional relief/letterpress above. While the bike is off the rack, all the modifications and the press itself were custom-made to create 100% human-powered mobile printing ..which she then put inside of a moving van, no doubt for the sake of spectacle.


Pilar was printing on-demand postcards; you could choose the image and the message and for a fee she would print the card and then mail it or hand deliver it if the recipient was in town.


When not attending art school, Carlos Pileggi lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil, with his partner, Sandra Lapage (together they are something of a print sensation). Carlos creates prints and zines that trouble art world expectations of the Print. With a trickster’s sense of humor he makes zines from intaglio prints and large-format photocopied editions of mono-types.


For the moving van, he re-created a recent installation that mixed a wall of colored digital prints with etchings, which the viewer was meant to pluck from the wall and staple into a one of a kind zine.





Sigrid H. is a wildly-talented young Portland artist who after being introduced to the zine as a form, began production on a regular publication. We were lucky enough to curate a full set into the Rum Riot Press along with a number of excellent local publications.



I should add, that the inside of the truck was probably a cool 90 degrees. That’s dedication to printmaking!


Does it look like fun? You don’t need printmaking superpowers to try this at home, but we do recommend getting a police permit.

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