Dispatches from Maine: Studio Visit with Slop Art




During our recent trip in Maine, we were excited to have an opportunity to visit the secret headquarters/RD lab of the Slop Art Brand, which also happens to be the studio of multidisciplinary artist and teacher, Brian Reeves.

Brian was kind enough to spend some time showing us around his latest prototype to distribute art to the masses, the Effluence Express (image above). Part vending machine, part diorama, part mobile exhibition device, this object has it all and defies description.


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For those not familiar with Slop Art, it’s a long time collaborative project which Reeves co-founded back in 1995. Its mission is to bring art directly to people through an ironic, direct sales approach that de-mystifies the acquiring of art, while simultaneously troubling the corporate take-over of everyday life in America. They pack a lot in, and the Express is no exception. Here is a floor by floor tour of the diorama. Above, you see an unassuming dumpster…


…which leads to an underground lair! Complete with wall-magnet art. Which leads to…


…a snuggly bedroom chamber with scale models of larger art, like the Slop Quilt on the bed, and video art viewing station, which leads to…


…a messy living room, choc-a-block full of too much art, which leads to strange scale model bathroom, complete with Adriane Herman-designed wallpaper.


And below that is the hermetically sealed inner-gallery (below).


There is a place to display small prints and drawings (if this seems like a cool place to display your work, contact Slop to see if they are taking on new talent).



There is an emergency poem device.


And a vending area for small, affordable, art objects.


And this is where the magic happens.

 Thank you Brian for the full tour!
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2 Responses to “Dispatches from Maine: Studio Visit with Slop Art”

  1. phyllis mcgibbon says:

    Brian Reeves has the best mancave/studio ever!

  2. Chris Horton says:

    I want to live in the Effluence Express mobile bunker