Dispatches from Maine: Wolfe Editions

We were lucky enough to revisit David Wolfe at Wolfe Editions, an amazing Letterpress shop, during our residency at Space Gallery in Portland, ME. You might recall that we visited this printshop about a year ago during our last trip to Maine, so this post will mostly be an update of all the new stuff going on at Wolfe Editions.

To start with David has taken on his first apprentice, beginning what he hopes will develop into a an old-school Master Printer program focusing on the letterpress equipment in his shop, but also developing the collaborative skills that are essential when working with an artist. On that note, Wolfe Editions will continue its regular work producing artist editions, high-end contract printing, teaching classes and workshops, and working on book restoration.

Follow the jump for a image dump of sexy letterpress photos.

Good luck Wolfe Editions! We look forward to being able to visit your amazing shop in the near future.

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