Dispatches from Maine: Pickwick Independent Press and Their Presses!


Another studio visit from Maine, this time it’s Pickwick Press. You may recall that we wrote about this remarkable community print shop about a year ago, so in many ways this posts focuses on what has changed. And you’ll be happy to know quite a bit has changed in that year, all for the better.

Lisa Pixley, the founder of Pickwick, picked up this great old AB Dick press, which they hacked to print polymer letterpress plates, allowing them to produce high volume detailed relief prints in a hurry. They are open to working with anyone who might have a good project for their latest toy.

And with the addition of new space to the print shop, Lisa worked closely with the engineering genius that is David Twiss to start building some new presses. Well technically they frankensteined it out of some salvaged press parts, but they said the next one they could build from scratch. If you are interested in fabricating your own press with over the counter parts, ring them up.

To see an overbearing amount of photos follow the jump!


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