Dispatches from South Korea: Seoul Book Fair

The following is a guest-post by the talented and exuberant, Jenn Pascoe. Pascoe is an artist and blogger, who when not traveling, can usually be found working in the the University of the Arts MFA program in Philadelphia.


Recently, I had the good luck and fortune to participate in a two-week trip to South Korea. As the trip was organized through the University of the Arts MFA Bookarts and Printmaking program, of which I am a current student, the trip was decidedly book and print oriented.

The following post will show a few of the places we were fortunate enough to visit along the way. To begin, we start with our main reason for traveling to South Korea … the 2012 Seoul International Book Fair.


It was this contributor’s first ever participation in any kind of art-related fair and it was as overwhelming as I had always imagined. It was an intense mix of commercial printing, educational institutions, individual artists, and various other entities. Under mostly unflattering lighting (in fact the Fair was located right above the COEX Mall, Seoul’s premiere underground shopping spot) and intermittent A/C I discovered the shell-shock state only reserved for those having attempted to sell or show wares to thousands of (dis)interested shoppers.


Many, many more pictures & words after the jump.

For the more optimistic fair goer: there is always potential for seeing and meeting some amazing people. Below are some more pictures of various booths and work seen at the fair.



Lines to get in on the final day of the fair!


Based out of Ireland, Redfox Press has been putting out some amazing work for years! And they’re super friendly to boot.


We are doing artists’ books!



Portraits of every member from Bookart Studio Ggumjirack!


Beautiful work from the youth enrolled in Makingbook School.





Paper+Robot = PABOT!
[Editorial Note: We do not endorse this kind of portmanteau neologisma. Where will it lead our culture?!]


The Kingdom of Saudia Arabia was this year’s featured country — they had a pretty sweet ‘booth’ set up right at the entrance.



This is a real thing.


A constant flow of book enthusiasts at the UArts tables!

More stories from the UArts trip to Korea to coming soon.

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