Letterpressed in Left Field

Amelie Mancini’s hand-printed baseball cards display box (photo: Paul Lukas)

It’s not often that we get sports-related tips in our inbox but that’s exactly what our old friend Joel Peck sent us. There’s a post by Paul Lukas on the ESPN website about French artist Amelie Mancini and her hand-printed baseball cards. Mancini moved from France to Brooklyn a few years back and became enamored with the game. Eventually, it found its way into her studio practice. She letterpresses prints hand-carved linocuts to make collectable postcard-sized cards under the imprint Left Field Cards. The venture has been met with enthusiasm… the Wall Street Journal, Design*Sponge, Juxtapoz, among others have featured Left Field Cards attention (why Printeresting always the last to know?). For the price of one ticket to a MLB game, you can buy almost two packs of original, hand-printed art! If you think pro sports has gotten too corporate, here’s your remedy. Vive le entrepreneurial spirit!

Series Two Edible Allstars features players with food-themed names (image from Left Field Cards website).

Linocut blocks (photo: Paul Lukas)

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2 Responses to “Letterpressed in Left Field”

  1. Nicole Geary says:

    These are so cool! They also remind me of Paul Windle’s Mid-70s Baseball Dudes.

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