Christophe Avella-Bagur

These 2007 prints are by Christophe Avella-Bagur, who is showing very different work at Galerie Richard in New York. Despite the artist’s own pointed statement that “I don’t do science fiction, I don’t paint robots,” these prints are strongly reminiscent of the work of comics pioneer Jack Kirby, and so they make a nice tribute to the recently concluded San Diego Comic-Con.

In case you think this is just another one of Printeresting’s random nerd shout-outs, this year the Con apparently featured a panel discussion and analysis of Kirby’s work alongside Modernist giants like Pollock and Kline. So it’s all just art.

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One Response to “Christophe Avella-Bagur”

  1. Jason Urban says:

    Ha! I almost posted about comic-con using the same justification. Seth Stevenson at Slate has some great posts…

    “Earlier in the day, at a panel dedicated to Kirby’s legacy, Hatfield lamented what he called “literacy bias.” He argued that our cultural critics have a prejudice against drawings. “They think visual imagery is meant for kids, for people who can’t read,” he complained. He noted that newspapers like USA Today, with more images and color, are considered less serious, while the New York Times has historically prided itself on not including funny pages.”

    Long live “Printeresting’s random nerd shout-outs”!