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A History of Type Design / Kurt Schwitters, 1887-1948 (Ambleside, England), 2011

Scott Myles and Gavin Morrison produced this beautiful suite of lithographs at Polígrafa Obra Gráfica, the storied print studio in Barcelona, Spain. The prints are part of a larger project described below:

A History of Type Design (2011-ongoing) is a collaborative print project by Gavin Morrison and Scott Myles. Using a variation on the Japanese frottage technique of Takuhon, impressions were taken from the headstones of prominent type-designers. … This body of work exists as an ever expanding, but idiosyncratic, anthology of type design. It is necessarily erratic in that it is constrained by the difficulties of determining locations, access and the logistics of finding the grave sites. … An initial impetus for this project was whether the designer’s own type-design is utilized in the stone-carving, in effect if their last words are given in their own hand. The process itself contains an interesting relation to the type-design role in publishing as the frottages are a simplistic form of printing where the gravestone serves as a de facto printing plate.


A History of Type Design / Eric Gill, 1882-1940 (Speen, England), 2011

The description of the project is lifted from the some-what nomadic IFF project space, which can currently be found in Marseille, France. Gavin Morrison runs IFF, when he’s not running around grave yards with his collaborator, the Glasgow-based, Scott Myles. Be sure and check out IFF’s other edition projects as they are equally compelling. They go on to say of this project,

Each print is released in an edition of 20. To date the following prints have been created or are in production: William Caslon (1692-1766), William Morris (1834-1896), Linn Boyd Benton (1844-1932), Eric Gill (1882-1940), Edward Johnston (1872-1942), Kurt Schwitters (1887-1947), Morris Fuller Benton (1872-1948), Stanley Morrison (1889-1967), Jan Tschichold (1902-1974), Maximilien Vox (1894-1974), and Herbert Bayer (1900-1985). The project is ongoing and new prints will be released periodically.

What an amazing and macabre project. We can’t wait to see more.


A History of Type Design / Herbert Bayer, 1900-1985 (Aspen, USA), 2011

Thanks Jeremy L for the tip!

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  1. amazing and macabre projects…Good post