Small Press Explo: Mothers News

Months ago, a thick envelope full of Mothers News back issues arrived at our Austin mailing address but things have been so crazy, it’s only this past week that I finally had some time to start digging through the stack. Two things I learned about Mothers News: first, it is awesome. And second, despite what the name might lead you to believe, it is not for mothers (at least not exclusively for mothers).

Mothers News is a free monthly newspaper out of Providence, RI and issues are available at various indy bookstores and distros throughout the US. Going on its third year of publication, the paper is a collection of writings, art, games, comics, and ads. I think Jacob Berendes’ note of introduction should probably be shared as I think it represents the paper’s sensibility…

Mothers News is smart and funny and it justifies the continued existence of physical newspapers in a smaller, more personal form. There’s an element of compulsive information overload to the paper with almost every square inch being utilized for writing or image. There are tons of comics and other re-occurring features. The City Sketchbook by James Mcshane is a regular assortment of quick observational drawings of people, the Language Lab column never fails to stimulate thought, and Tinto’s Invertebrate of the Month by Tinto is exactly what it sounds like. Each issue includes a full page centerfold (scroll down to the “EXECUTIVE REALNESS” image below) and even the ads are interesting. It’s random but that’s its strength. If you’re in need of some kind of monthly subscription-based reading material, I’d skip the Wired magazine and go straight for Mothers News.

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2 Responses to “Small Press Explo: Mothers News”

  1. mother says:

    whoa! thanks for the write up!

    readers: subscriptions for the year are $23 for 12 issues, check them out here-

    also we’re still taking advertisements for the july issue- starts at just $15, we’ll design it, bulk discounts available.

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