Prints Alive! Print Give-Away Winners Announced

Congratulations to Andrea Avery, Robin Page & Justin Miller who were randomly selected (drawn out of my hat in fact) from the many correct answers we received to win the Print’s Alive! give-away prints generously donated by Carrier Pigeon Magazine, Cannonball Press, and Marie Roberts.

To see photos from this lively event check out Carrier Pigeon’s Print’s Alive photo album.

Thank you to the many folks who wrote in. In case you are curious the trivia questions and correct answers can be found after the Jump.

The Mystery Print-related Questions:

1) What critical role does Coney Island play in the 1979 classic of American cinema, TheWarriors?

“The Warriors home turf was Coney Island. The movie even opens with a shot of the ferris wheel.”

Justin Miller

“Coney Island is where The Warriors, the gang, were from and where one of the stars, James Remar based his character from.”

Robin Page


2) Who is Dr. Blowhole, and what is his relationship to Neil Patrick Harris and Coney Island?

“Dr. Blowhole, voiced by Neil Patrick Harris, is a mad scientist dolphin who plans to take revenge on the human race, who forced him to perform tricks at Coney Island for their amusement.”

Andrea Avery

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