PULLED: A Catalog of Screen Printing (Chicago)

Now through June 24, if you’re in Chicago, you can see over 80 screen prints by 40 artists from the book Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing in an exhibition at the gorgeous small Chicago gallery Public Works (at 1539 N. Damen, part of the design studio SomeOddPilot).

Last year the hip Brooklyn-based designer and illustrator Mike Perry put out his third book, Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing (Princeton Architectural Press, 2011), that design guru Steven Heller at the New York Times says “offers scores of beautiful, funny, novel and otherwise alluring typographical, illustrative, decorative and comedic silk-screen prints, produced by more than 40 illustrators and designers, whose styles and processes are as broad as this book is thick.” The book is certainly beautiful, designed by Perry and Emily CM Anderson and quite worth a look: you can flip through a handful of high res pages over at the Issuu ebook.

Pulled includes work by Aesthetic Apparatus, Ashkahn, Scott, Barry, Deanne Cheuk, Josh Cochran, Michael Coleman, Jim Datz, DEMO, Rachel Domm, E. Rock, Anna Giertz, J. Namdev Hardisty, Steven Harrington, Maya Hayuk, Andrew Holder, Gluekit, Cody Hudson, Imeus Design, Jeremyville, Kaleidophant, Landland, Daniel Luedtke, David Maron, Marque & Anna Wolf, Blake E. Marquis, Scott Massey, Garrett Morin, Rinzen, Andy Mueller, Chris Silas Neal, Mike Perry, Pietari Posti, Luke Ramsey, Seripop, Chris Rubino, Nathaniel Russell, Joel Speasmaker, Marcroy Smith, Andy Smith, Sonnenzimmer, Jim Stoten, James Victore, and Hannah Waldron.

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