Small Press Explo: Café Royal Books

Café Royal Booksis the labor of love of Craig Atkinson.  The UK-based Publisher/Editor in Chief has been cranking out about 15 titles a year in small editions (50-100). Experimental to the core,

Café Royal Books questions how a publication can exhibit, document, display, collect and disseminate information.

Artists are offered a blank space within which to work, creating quick, affordable, well-finished, collectible editions of their work. Emphasis is given to work not normally publishable by a major imprint, and work that develops new ways of thinking about existing material or language.

 The images in this post are from two books by Atkinson, Grab The Uranium2011. To see some pages from his latest book, Solution A, and a short video about the making of Grab The Uranium follow the jump below.

Below is a short video about the production of Grab The Uranium, which was made during a residency at Knust, a Risograph workshop  in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

And below are a few pages from Solution A, Atkinson’s latest book, see more here.

Café Royal Books can be ordered direct here or found in these stores and galleries.

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