Sound Proof

Check out Sound Proof, a video by University of Michigan undergraduate James Bloniarz. As his senior thesis, Sound Proof is a search for the relationship of woodcut to music. He did all of the audio and video work himself. According to Bloniarz, he spent three months hunched over a camera. Inspiration is taken from UM Professor Endi Poskovic‘s “uber colorful woodcut prints.” At Printeresting, we see a lot of documentary style video about print but videos that function as artwork are less common. As a famously interdisciplinary program, it’s no surprise to see this kind of work coming from the University of Michigan. Thanks, James, and congratulations on graduation!

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Categories: Artwork

4 Responses to “Sound Proof”

  1. Scott Betz says:


  2. Josh Dannin says:

    This is brilliant. Well done James!

  3. Jake Holmes says:

    Absolutely stunning work… Beautiful

  4. Mary Ann OReilly says:

    This is a very talented man. Buy his work now- you won’t be able to afford it soon. Kudos James!