Printeresting Is the New Black

Believe it or not, today marks the fourth anniversary of “the thinking person’s favorite online resource for interesting printmaking miscellany”! Hooray!

To celebrate, we decided to get inky and our friends at Gamblin Artists Colors were happy to join us. Printeresting and Gamblin have collaborated on a limited edition ink! We’re longtime fans of Gamblin’s Portland Black intaglio inks but we knew that Printeresting Black had to be something new and unique. After all, every printer knows that black is never just black. (In honor of our new release Gamblin’s latest newsletter will explain just that. Don’t miss it, click here and just type “INK” in the comment box.)

After numerous tests and experiments, late nights at our color mixing stations, various samples shipped all over the country, and multiple conference calls, we arrived at Printeresting Black. Of course, we can’t share our secret recipe, but we can tell you that it’s a rich, dark intaglio black with a blue-ish hue. Your plate tone will evoke the cool light of a computer monitor. It’s Printeresting Black!

But that’s enough fanfare. Let’s get to the real question at hand: you want to know how to get a can, right? Well, we’re giving them away for free!

In fact, twenty cans are already en route to a few special pre-selected shops around the country (check your mailbox). As for the rest of our supply, if you think your printshop should have a can of Printeresting Black, send a convincing email to We’ll decide who makes the strongest case, and then ship one pound cans to over twenty more shops. All we require in return is that recipients send us photos of prints and printing using Printeresting Black. Remember, we aren’t giving them away to individuals, just to shops. We should also mention that our international shipping budget is limited, so by necessity most of the ink will stay stateside. We’ll wait until next week before making any decisions, so you have a few days to figure out how to make a compelling case.

A huge thanks to the good people at Gamblin Artists Colors in Portland! You helped three print nerds realize a dream.

And just in case you missed our trailer…

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16 Responses to “Printeresting Is the New Black”

  1. justin says:

    got students chomping at the bit to be among the first in the world to use PRINTERESTING black. it got opened during our final crit.

    JQ Saint Cloud State

  2. Antonio Szewierenko says:


  3. Antonio Szewierenko says:

    Muito bom a printeresting é uma tinta de 3001!!!!!

  4. Jena Osman says:

    Happy Anniversary! Your site makes me wish I was a printmaker!

  5. Jean Dibble says:

    Yay, I love black inks, looking forward to trying this one out. Congrats, Printeresting.

  6. James says:


    Now there will be talks about prints made with ink named after a website, that talks about prints.

    Printeresting has officially gone META!!

  7. Liz Maugans says:

    Dudes, love this ink. Just Printed some large scale wood intaglios and the blue black is midnight delicious.

  8. Thomas says:

    This black is my new “crack”. Low edition number please.

  9. […] I want to write a convincing letter to Printeresting so we can get a free can of their Gamblin […]

  10. Barbara Ryan says:

    How can I BUY a can…I want to BUY a can??? Please let me know.

  11. David McGinn says:

    It’s just what we’ve all been waiting for, we need printeresting black, now. Happy Birthday Printeresting we love the site always find something of interest. Thanks

  12. Kelly Villalobos says:

    Just started printing with the new ink and It is absolutely beautiful!! I can’t tell you how stoked I am to be one of the few getting to use it.

  13. Dimitris Grammatikopoulos says:

    So how about us in Europe!
    Neither Lawrence nor Branca have Printeresting Ink to offer.
    I’d love to try it out, especially since i recently moved to Holland and i am totally out of any kind of ink to work with.

  14. Are you offering this item for sale? Always looking for the blackest black available.