Know Your Rights

It seems like every couple months, news of another interesting student print project trickles out of Knoxville. This one is based on the American Civil Liberties Union “Know Your Rights” campaign. Students in Professor Beauvais Lyons’ Intermediate Print Workshop Course (Art 2D 361) worked on a collaborative project in March of 2012 to produce a series of screen-printed signs presenting rights that individuals have when encountering law enforcement officers.  As part of the project, the class read the ACLU’s Know Your Rights booklet, and met with UTK Professor of Law Emerita Fran Ansley, Cullen Wojcik from the Public Defender’s Office and UTK Art History Professor Mary Campbell, who also received a J.D. from Yale Law School in 2001.

Pictures show the signs installed near the UTK Law School but the next step is to get them in other locations around Knoxville.

Students in the class include Paige Berry, Sarah Crumley, Logan Davis, Krista Green, Victoria Haggarty, John Hendricks, Alexandria Mash, Rachel Mezger, Jessica Rafferty, Heather Reynolds, Alex Roberts, Deborah Rule, Lyndsey Stewart, and Georgia Vogel.

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3 Responses to “Know Your Rights”

  1. Luther says:

    Now I have that Clash song stuck in my head.

  2. Alex says:

    This is super…I feel like in place of a print exchange across universities we should do a human rights project across universities highlighting a current event? hoddies? Inpsiring – thank you for posting.

  3. Scott Betz says:

    Lets do a hoodie traveling print show. Anyone have gallery space(s) in say- 4 months?