Mauricio Lasansky Dies, 97

Mauricio Lasansky, Self-Portrait, Mixed Media Intaglio, 60″x21″

A sad day in Iowa. Mauricio Lasansky, the legendary founder of the University of Iowa Printmaking program, passed away on Monday at the age of 97. Lasansky leaves an indelible mark on the print community through his own work and his influence on countless students. Born in Argentina in 1914, Lasanasky moved to the US in 1943 and accepted his position at the University of Iowa in 1945. He worked at the University until his retirement in the early eighties.

As Iowa alumni, this comes as particularly sad news to us at Printeresting. While we can’t say that we knew him, it certainly felt like we did. The Iowa printshop was filled with stories passed down from graduate student to graduate student about Lasansky. Even his absence had a presence, and it will continue to.

Read more at the Des Moines Register.

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5 Responses to “Mauricio Lasansky Dies, 97”

  1. Jared says:

    Another printmaker to pass this week, Elizabet Catlett:

  2. Another Lansansky story. It was 1979 and I was considering going to graduate school after taking a few post-grad classes at New Mexico State University. Mauricio was invited by my professor to give critiques of students, and so I brought my latest conceptually based drawings for him to see. (I was working with a color coded diary system with a metric time concept) Mistake or providence…he disregarded all the work and told me to work from what I love and what I am passionate about instead of working out of my head. He zeroed in on some drawings I had made of my young sons. “This is where you should work”… and used the word “authentic.” I examined my motivation and passion for the conceptually based drawings and decided to take his advice and seek what was authentic and most honest in my life. I never regretted it.

  3. Evan Summer says:

    Sad news indeed. He was an inspirational artist and teacher who had a profound effect on American printmaking! RIP Mauricio Lasansky.

  4. Craig Fisher says:

    My printmaking instructor at the University of Toledo, Peter Elloian was a student of Lasansky, so in effect, I am part of this powerful legacy. I only heard the stories and was sorry I never had the chance to meet the master in person. His life is a good read.

  5. lin caarte says:

    i count myself so lucky for being trained in the lasansky school. our print professor jack orman at
    colorado state university was a first gen lasansky student after wwII. we are trained from the ground up,
    understanding technique and chemistry, yet retaining reverence for individual passions and humankind. “the nazi drawings” remain the most hauntingly beautiful
    drawings ever created.

    thankyou mauricio and thankyou jack,
    lin carte, philadelphia , pa