Workroom for the New Constructivists

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The Workroom for The New Constructivists was produced by Dannielle Tegeder during her Transparent Studio residency at Bose Pacia gallery in DUMBO, Brooklyn. In cascading gestures of generosity, Bose Pacia invited Tegeder to occupy their space as an kind of month-long open studio this past February, Tegeder in turn opened her studio practice up creating a month-long collaborative workshop.

The first Constructivist Exhibition.

When asked about the project in an interview on the Bose Archives blog, Tegeder described it,

This project was originally inspired after a studio visit with a friend last year. We had a discussion on the observation that there were a number of artists again working with the formalist qualities of Constructivism. This led to me gathering names of artists internationally over the past year that have become part of a group I am forming called “The New Constructivists,” and also began the process of questioning why. I was interested in a creating a space I called the “workroom” that would begin that inquiry. During the month, I am having debates, discussions, and collaborations that are part of the desire to answer this question. Next week, I will be having a forum with artist Vincent Como, where we re-read the Malevich’s writings and write our own manifesto for the group.

An unlikely conceit taken to a utopian extreme. What indeed does this say about the creative impulse in times of turmoil? The interview continues here.

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What would a Constructivists Workroom be with out some printing?

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The New Constructivist ‘zine designed by Tegeder with a (red) screen print poster by Jennifer Schmidt.

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According to the press release,

During the residency, Dannielle [Tegeder] reflected, researched, and created collaborative projects on ideas inherent in drawing and abstraction with invited artists, writers, poets, and friends. Artists included: Abraham Avnisan, Vincent Como, Jamie Graham, Amy Larimer, Caitlin Masley Jennifer Schmidt, and Orlando Ureña.

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While the event primarily revolved around an exhibition of Tegeder’s own investigations into Constructivist aesthetics what appears to be some exciting discourse, the project had no shortage of the multiple deployed in service to the cause. I particularly enjoyed this project involving temporary tattoos by Caitlin Maisley utilizing geometric forms, El Lissitzky would be proud.

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The event also included a performance during reception by Amy Larimer and Jamie Graham.

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The event also included the release of a limited edition ‘zine designed by Danielle Tegeder, which included a limited edition, double-sided screen print designed Jennifer Schmidt in homage to the compositions of the movie poster for Battleship of Potemkin, the famous constructivist film.

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All photographs are courtesy of the artist and Bose Pacia Gallery.

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  1. Very interesting information it looks like everyone had a good time.

  2. Joanna Swan says:

    O my, what a Stijlish space!!

    Great article.