Printshop Tour: University of Wyoming

One week ago today I was standing in the new University of Wyoming Art Building in Laramie, Wyoming. It felt bitter cold outside to this Austin-transplant (though I have to admit I saw at least one student walking around in shorts) but it was toasty inside with warm light coming in through the windows and skylights. I walked through the printshop early Friday morning and three students were in the printshop hard at work. Their excitement about the new building was palpable. The beautiful space opened only a month or so ago with the start of the Spring semester. I used my recent visit as a chance to provide Printeresting readers some photos of a shop taking shape.

As Prof. Mark Ritchie points out, “it’s a work in progress.” The shop is still waiting for an oversized press, rolling tables, a ferric chloride cabinet, an aquatint box, and paper drying racks. Even without all the frills, enjoy some pictures of a great space (and try not to be too jealous). Big thanks to Shelby, Diana, Mark, and the whole UW Art Department for their hospitality.

Nice, right?

A relief proof of a self-portrait by Kari Siler pointing at a make-shift bulletin board.


Captain America was kind enough to donate his old book press to the shop.

Inspirational reading.

Note the beautiful wooden storage cabinets against the back wall near the shop entrance.

Ample windows providing beautiful light and nice views of the high desert landscape.

Courtney Googe collaging lemurs.

Again, this shop isn’t even set up yet! Classes are going on so everything is arranged well enough to be functional but few things have found their permanent location.

Litho table awaiting it’s final placement and plumbing.

New shop but same old litho crayons.

Industrious printmaking students discovered that rubber insulation, a by-product of the new building’s construction, is a great material for big relief carving.

How beautiful is this ceiling? Big open spaces.

Post-bac Sarah Dahlinger playing with Old West imagery.

With the shop not fully assembled, there’s plenty of random press parts like this laying around. Give ’em a semester and this will be part of a well-oiled machine.

Can’t resist including some old school xerography by post-bac Tessa Dalarosa.

Mark Ritchie must have an office.

View of the Art Museum from the Art Building.

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11 Responses to “Printshop Tour: University of Wyoming”

  1. Scott Betz says:


  2. Annalisa Gojmerac says:

    Very nice I have spent some time in Casper, I wish I could have gotten to your neck of the woods. Do you offer any residencies?

  3. What a beautiful, bright airy space. I am happy for you, but wish we had your shop here !

  4. Deb says:

    That space looks wonderful! I have a friend in the engineering program. I may need to visit and sneak a peek!

  5. Stephanie says:

    What brand of rubber insulation did the students use for relief carving? To know this would be really great since I want to make a lot of really large relief carvings. Thank you! I LOVE reading your articles, by the way.

  6. Jason Urban says:

    Stephanie, Thanks for the kind words. Mark is waiting to hear back from the contractors on more info about the rubber. If/when he gets back to me, I’ll share.

  7. Stephanie says:

    Thanks. I am very, very interested to know. Keep up the great work!

  8. Felicia says:

    Who is your friend in engineering? My husband is electrical (I’m art), anyways, let me know (on my blog if you would like a tour of the new building…

    Jason, This post inspired me and I think I will be posting about the new building on my blog too.

    I have also been sharing the Dazzle Como with everyone…

    Thanks for the post and the talk Jason!

  9. Rene says:

    Thanks so much for making the trip up to Laramie. You and Leslie inspired so many of us and now we’ll be watching from afar to see what cool things you guys are doing. Thanks again!

  10. Stephanie says:

    HI there Jason, Have you heard any word from Mark about the left-over material the students used for reliefs? Thank you!

  11. Jason Urban says:

    Stephanie- Here’s a link to the rubber via Mark…