Teaching Print

Check out this great three-minute video about Professor Jeffrey Dell and his printmaking program at Texas State University. Both should be familiar to Printeresting readers- Jeff’s screenprints were featured in a post a few months ago and we did a printshop tour of TSU last summer.

The video is part portrait and part promotion and I like that it speaks broadly to what printmaking is. Rather than just listing off media or talking about facilities, emphasis is on “a wide range of skills.” The subject of critique is brought to the fore as is the idea of print being a part of the larger world. It also shows how enthusiastic and engaged artists can be great teachers. The non-profit video (they do for-profit work, too) was produced by Tiburon Transmedia.

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One Response to “Teaching Print”

  1. Robert Goetz says:

    Love that critique/staging wall. Steel with magnets…brilliant!