Dispatch from Spain: Murtra Edicions

A guest post by Spanish artist Teresa Gómez-Martorell.

I recently visited Murtra Edicions, a print shop and print publishers in Barcelona, to have a look at their amazing editions. The renowned Spanish artist Perejaume was there signing his newest artist’s book.

In 2007, Perejaume won the Premio Nacional de Arte Gráfico, Spain’s National Printmaking Award. This prize is the most important national achievement in printmaking for an artist in Spain. There is nothing else to say about Perejaume’s innovative prints and his art discourse, he is an outstanding artist in the Catalan and Spanish art scene. I have to say that and I am very biased: I love his artwork and I consider him one of my influences as an artist.

Jordi watches as Perejaume signs his latest artist’s book.

Behind the scenes, Jordi Rosés and Pilar Lloret, Murtra Edicions’ proprietors, were translating Perejaume’s ideas to a copper plate.  I love to stop at their print shop when I am visiting Barcelona and I have the privilege to see the development of some of the prints or artist’s books they are working on and the quality of the editions.  Artwork from artists such as Brossa, Amat, Saura, Tàpies, are a part of their flat files. Murtra printshop is located in Jordi and Pilar’s garage and it is a very well organized facility. It is a comfortable space to work on any kind of intaglio, photo etching and wood techniques. Some work areas are set on the patio and it is an inspiring experience to work at plein air. Inside, prints and proofs on the walls are showing their works on progress.

I met Jordi and Pilar a long time ago, when I still was an art student in Barcelona. They lead the Escola d’Estiu Internacional de Gravat a Calella (the International Printmaking Summer School of Calella), a pioneer center in printmaking. They organized printmaking courses, inviting national and international artist printmakers to teach workshops. They organized many activities around the print world. There is a whole generation of printmakers in Spain and other parts of the world who are in debt with their amazing work and involvement in the national print scene. Even though the Escola project stopped because of other reasons not related with art world, Pilar and Jordi continued their project as printers and publishers, creating Murtra Edicions.

Due to the economic situation after 2008, it is a hard time for everybody, but there are two people who are passionate about printmaking and they just keep on working. This is the best we can do.

An example of Perejaume’s work.

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One Response to “Dispatch from Spain: Murtra Edicions”

  1. Evan Summer says:

    Delighted to see Murta Edicions featured here. I had a chance to meet Pilar and Jordi a number of years ago…great people and terrific printers!

    Nice to see Justin Sorensen’s print too.