IPCNY: Published by the Artist

Delightful devil heads print-sculptures by Erika Lipkes

The International Print Center of New York (IPCNY) hosted the opening reception for it’s Published by the Artist benefit exhibition last night. The exhibition has a very short run, yesterday night, today until 6pm, and tomorrow from 11am-10pm. All the work is for sale with a price cap of $300, with proceeds being shared between the artists and the IPCNY; kind of a win-win if you are need of some affordable hip artwork!

Many more pictures and fiddling commentary after the jump!

 The benefit exhibition features the print work that is ‘self-published’ or what we might call, ‘printed by the artist’, which for most of us is what we call, ‘making work’. In an interesting way, this is something of an anomaly in the New York non-profit art fundraising world, where the prints at art auctions tend to be published by master printers and generously donated by blue chip artists. In this way, the IPCNY has created a unique space for art that might not otherwise be exhibited in Chelsea, which is in keeping with vision of their New Prints Program.

Jon Bocksel’s clever conceptual print brings many four letter words to mind.

 It’s heartening to see such an unruly mob out to enjoy some red hot prints!

Another great sculptural print.

 A close-up on a great work by Cathy LeCleire.

Everyone loves a good TP print joke.

Special thanks to Julia Lillie who deserves credit for all the photographs in this post.

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3 Responses to “IPCNY: Published by the Artist”

  1. James Baker says:

    What a wonderful show. Thank you.

  2. Kevin haas says:

    what we call, ‘making work’ – nice!

  3. This looks so great. Thanks for posting some pix for the out-of-towners who couldn’t make it to the opening!