Jonathan Brand’s Printed Mustang

“One Piece At A Time,” by Jonathan Brand, is large-scale papercraft model of a 1969 Mustang the artist once owned and restored (though never to working condition). The parts were digitally rendered by the artist, largely from memory, and then printed on a large-format inkjet before being cut and assembled by hand.

This work begins as 3D drawings on a computer.  I utilize a large format printer to translate the digital into the real world as a flat inkjet print. I then cut, fold and glue these numbered and labeled shapes together much like a complicated three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle…The details of the car are based more on my memory and a few photographs. I no longer have access to the original car and chose not to use a surrogate to measure and get all the details correct. I like when things are slightly off, in the wrong place or missing, just like my memories of the original.

The car is assembled and displayed as constituent parts, rather than as a fully-reconstructed vehicle.

This piece was exhibited at Hosfelt Gallery in NY late last year. (via It’s Nice That)

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  1. Faith says:

    Whoa man. Whoa.

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