Silkscreen, Frame-by-Frame

Jerstin Crosby is an interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY, but spent many years in Pittsburgh, North Carolina, and Alabama. He’s been working with Robert Beckman and the staff at Pittsburgh’s Artists Image Resource on a silkscreen project that takes the medium and translates it into animation. Crosby is interested in “a low resolution, grittier aesthetic, and… in analog visual effects that would be impossible on a computer.” The actual finished and editioned prints are 24″x18″ (each features 72 frames or 12 sec of film). One print from every edition is chopped up by frames and scanned for animation purposes. There are more scenes currently in production and some finished version of the videos and the prints will be shown at AIR this February. Below are some examples of the still images and his test animations.

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2 Responses to “Silkscreen, Frame-by-Frame”

  1. christine says:

    These are stellar! High Five!

  2. […] Work by Jerstin Crosby combines silk screen with animation. An example of his work can be seen below.  This was taken from a website called, “Printeresting“. […]