Happy Holidays from your Friends at Printeresting!

We are taking our Printer’s Wayzgoose Holiday late this year.

Posts will be slow in coming over the next couple weeks as we’re trying to enjoy some time with our families and friends away from our computers, but have no fear –  we will be back in force in 2012. Here’s our annual super-sized post recapping the highlights of the past year and wow, what a year it was!

Far and away our biggest news this year came at the start of this month: Printeresting has been awarded a Creative Capital | Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant! Huzzah! This means that, much to our own disbelief, we’re officially award-winning arts writers. It’s true. Exactly what this means for the site we’re still figuring out, but to say it’s an exciting development is an understatement.

A photo from the opening of the War is Trauma exhibition at Booklyn.

And speaking of grants, we gave away our own, albeit slightly smaller grant this Fall in what will hopefully become annual way to give a back to our growing community. Working with the idea that “every little bit helps,” the Printeresting Micro-Grant of $250 was awarded to Aimee Lusty at Booklyn in Brooklyn. We’re looking forward to a follow-up post(s) in 2012 from Aimee about some of her exciting work. We’re glad to be able to help in some small way make her project happen!

Printeresting also made its first foray into the world of print publications with the release of this year’s The California Printmaker. We were approached by Anthony and Meri of the California Society of Printmakers back in January about guest-editing the journal. Not unlike the plot of  the 1976 classic sports film, The Bad News Bears, we put together a rag-tag group of misfits and underdogs who… er… Well, now that I think about it, the project wasn’t really wasn’t like The Bad News Bears at all. We had the pleasure of working with a great group of talented writers and artists who sent us amazing work related to our theme of print meets internet. RL traveled from Baltimore to San Francisco to be on the scene for the journal launch party and managed to visit a mathematically impossible number of printshops in a few short days (in this light the project was probably more like The Avengers!). Read about RL’s San Francisco adventures (and see how he resembles Nick Fury). The whole thing was such a good experience, another print publication under the Printeresting masthead in 2012 is quite likely.. but more on that later.

We started off the year curating an exhibition, Past Present, at the St. Louis Art Guild & Galleries. We’re really proud of the show- it included great artists and shed a new light on our interest in historically-minded print.The show officially opened in January but had another reception in conjunction with the Southern Graphics International Council conference in March. We were on the scene for the second reception and all the SGCI happenings.

San Francisco and St. Louis weren’t the only trips in 2011. This Fall, Printeresting converged on the University of Alabama to visit Professor Sarah Marshall and the rest of the ‘Bama art department. While there, we were able to sit down with Professor Steve Miller and record an interview for his Book Arts and Poetry Podcast (45 minutes of Printeresting chatter- listen to it!). Then we were lucky enough to visit Gordo to spend an afternoon with one of our print heroes, Amos Kennedy.

Running a printing press is a team effort.

We also had posts and guest posts from Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, BostonMontreal, Buenos Aires, AustraliaChina and more! A big thanks to our semi-regular correspondents Julia V. Hendrickson, John Pyper, and our various guest contributors for rounding out our print coverage and helping push the dialogue forward.

We did a number of Studio Visits and Printshop Tours and continued some of our regular features including Small Press Explo where we explore the proliferation of small press publications, Junior Printmakers where childhood wonder is merged printmaking, and Viva Los Videos where printmaking comes to life through the power of motion pictures.

In terms of the site peripherals, the Printeresting Notebook archive just keeps growing (it makes for fun tumblr skimming), we’re making more regular use of our twitter feed (follow us), and we’ve broken the 5,000 “likes” milestone on facebook (like us). We’ve also worked out most of the kinks in the Printeresting Classifieds; if you haven’t checked it out lately, you should. It’s actually turning into the resource we had hoped it would be. We should also mention our advertisers. If you like what we do, click on the grey links in the rightmost sidebar, spend money and tell ’em Printeresting sent you!

As promised, it was a long ramble of year-end wrap-up. In closing, we’ll leave you with a few more choice examples of printmaking miscellany that we think deserve a bit more attention….

A 17th century Jan Lievens portrait bearing a striking resemblance to actor Bill Murray!

West Elm explores the commercial possibilities of merging the printshop with the bedroom!

USPS confuses reality with simulacra and Printeresting offers more ways for them to explore their meta relationship to our national treasures!

A CMYK nightmare when a tractor trailer carrying a load of toner overturns on a I-95. Ten-four, good buddy!

Popular Science awards Invention of the Year to a handheld printer that will no doubt revitalize the print world and leave the internet in shambles!

And in case you are curious, Wade Guyton is still printing.

Happy holidays, everyone! Thanks for reading. We’ll see you in 2012.

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