Brick & Mortar

Every artwork should include a “making of” video. Tate Foley shares the process behind a recent piece, Brick & Mortar, that utilizes print strategies to make something that defies categorization.

From tatefoley:

This is a short video that shows the process of the piece previously posted, Brick and Mortar. I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of cutting through layers of paint with a woodcutting tool. It is extremely satisfying.

The truly intriguing thing about printmaking is the language surrounding it. The process of creating a matrix, the use of the multiple, and the conceptual implications of duplication all add to the rich life of printmaking and continue to solidify it as irreplaceable in an art construct full of too many dogs and too few bones.


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One Response to “Brick & Mortar”

  1. Pantry Press says:

    Yup, it is sure YUMMY! Nice video. Great work.