The Fantasmagoric Printaloon Transformathon

Thanks to Karla Hackenmiller for a large portion of the text used in this post.

About a month ago, The Ohio University Printmaking Area hosted a week-long, creative, collaborative event with the University of Tennessee – Knoxville (UTK) Printmaking Department graduate students and faculty, October 25 – 29, 2011. We were hoping to get this post up in a more timely manner but life being what it is, a month later it’s finally up on the site.

The OU/UTK collaborative group worked together to create objects, creatures, costumes, masks, other transformative attire and printed sculptures. The group also worked with visiting artists, Patty Mitchell and Robert Lockheed, to explore the possibilities of inflatables in conjunction with printed materials. Weather balloons spanning 8’ across were screenprinted with the group’s mutant human logo, then inflated and lit up to resemble nuclear explosions. Balloons were also used to provide structural and visual elements for mutant cells and mutant animals with large, papier mache heads that encircled the explosions.

Reflecting a larger trend in printmakers’ efforts to engage the public, the manifestation of the group’s efforts was a parade. The final creations were presented, Saturday evening, October 29th on Court Street in Athens, Ohio, as part of the annual Athens Halloween Block Party. The UTK/OU collaborative project was a major focal point among the thousands of people in attendance. This event is the second, large-scale, collaborative project between OU & UTK, the first occurring in January of 2011 in Knoxville and previously shared on Printeresting. Long live the collaborative spirit!

This is nice picture from the OU campus newspaper. Read their story HERE.


A team screenprinting onto a weather balloon.

Ashton Ludden (grad, UTK) painting the papier mache fish head.

Ben Briggs (grad, OU) holding the frog just prior to presentation.

A shot from the front of the group marching down Court Street in Athens, OH. Note the printed, lit weather balloons (nuclear explosions) and one of the “nuclear waste” barrels to the right. Koichi Yamamoto (UTK faculty) on the left and Art Werger (OU faculty) is in the barrel.

Oh, and there’s a facebook page if you’re interested in more info.


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    Check out this link from the UT Knoxville printmaking site for more information on the project, as well as links to You-Tube videos of the event.