Hello Lucky studio tour

Fifth in a series of studio tours from the Bay Area, in celebration of the Printeresting-edited issue of The California Printmaker.

At the release party for our issue of The California Printmaker, I said a few words about the journal and the process of editing a print publication. As we indicate in the curatorial statement, it was an enjoyable challenge to capture the spirit of our blog in a fixed format. (I think we did a pretty good job – buy your copy here! hint, hint)

After I spoke, I was approached by James Tucker, who works as a pressman for San Francisco-based letterpress studio Hello!Lucky. James extended an invitation to visit the shop the next day. With four studios and another lecture already on our itinerary, I couldn’t imagine there would be time. But why visit four print shops in a single day when you can visit five? So we found the time, and I’m glad we did!

It was a beautiful day, so all these studios were bathed in gorgeous natural light.

Moving toward sustainable pedal powered presses?

This is Hello!Lucky’s original press, from the days before the shop grew to epic proportions.

And this is just one of the Heidelbergs the studio uses these days to meet its increased production load.

James shows off the GAMA-GO Japand-aid poster, which was printed at the studio.

Some typman art

Thanks to the folks at Hello!Lucky for letting us interrupt your work flow! More pics after the jump.

the design team at work

a collage from Uline and other catalogs adorns the restroom door


more stacks!

experiments with overprinting keep production fun!

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7 Responses to “Hello Lucky studio tour”

  1. paula says:

    Hello! Lucky has got to be my one the greatest inspirations for me and my own work so it was delightful to get a peek behind the studio doors!
    Thanks for posting 🙂

  2. Small Caps says:

    I went there in May and had a studio tour with James too. Nice people! Thanks for the photos.

  3. Faith says:

    This is giving me major studio envy… here in Regina, Canada our studio is just starting out so we only have 4 presses. Sigh…

  4. secret says:

    Cute printers, to boot!

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  7. Kate W. says:

    Love seeing a glimpse of how their beautiful products are made. Thanks for taking us along on the tour!