Jeffrey Dell

Jeffrey Dell is too busy making new work to worry about a website. That creates a unique opportunity for Printeresting to share his beautiful screenprints with you- Jeff gave us permission to post these studio, proof, and process pics. His new series, Frenemies, features intense color explorations with layer upon layer of screen ink. Building simple cakelike forms, he creates visual confectionary treats.

You may recall our Texas State Printshop Tour from the summer. Jeff teaches print there and, at the time, he had a work station set up with screens. He mentioned something about plans for layering color but he was just getting the series started so there wasn’t too much to see. I didn’t know he’d be combining gratuitous (that’s my word) split fountains and seemingly every color in the rainbow to make cohesive images that dazzle. To quote Dell in regard to sharing the images digitally, “the fluorescence will never translate.” I may have to head back soon to see these in person (and get more pictures). For now, check out these images and more after the jump…


I should also mention that Dell and three of his former Texas State students recently had a works on paper show at D. Berman Gallery in Wimberley, TX. You can see pictures HERE. I had hoped to get there to review the show but somehow the month got away from me.

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8 Responses to “Jeffrey Dell”

  1. Whoa! These are rad. Epic split fountains, used for the right reason. Love it.

  2. Jason Urban says:

    the right reason, indeed. split fountains must be used for good, never evil.

  3. Brooklyner says:

    I’ve always loved Jeff’s prints.
    I’m lucky to own one.

  4. I took printmaking with Jeff my very last semester at Texas State, and he very nearly convinced me switch my major and extend my schooling. Sometimes I think maybe I should have.

  5. My hat is off!!! You are in controle!! @_@

  6. Eric says:

    those are tasty!

  7. This article is terrific! I mentioned it on my Tumblr blog as well. Happy Thanksgiving.
    – Carolyn

  8. […] Read this article from Printeresting about the artist Jeffrey Dell who creates interesting screenprints using really simple screen block and gradient technique, you can see how from the photos. This is all easy to re-create in your own work. […]